LOL: Why does Riot have so many problems with the damage? This is the great fear of developers

It is very likely that Riot Games begin implementing measures to reduce damage received by champions in League of Legends. The developer announced that it is conducting an investigation into the matter and has had a good feeling with his first experiments, which would improve the general state of the game. However, this can generate a reasonable doubt in the community: how is it possible that almost everyone could see the problem for several months except for developers?

The problem of damage League of Legends

Although it may seem easy to balance, the damage is one of the statistics with greater ability to change the gameplay. In this sense we are not facing a scenario in which the problem was therefore that those responsible for Riot Games were not aware that much of the community was not satisfied as to the fact that react to respect properly and do it in half season was virtually impossible.

As has declared the director of League of Legends gameplay, the problem that the damage is which is directly responsible for deciding the importance of skill. If there is too many possibilities to counter the enemy purposive actions because no ' counterplay ' are canceled. However, reduce it below the optimal values ​​makes the performances of the players are less relevant.

In this regard, some of the worst moments of the game came because of lack of damage on the champions. Situations that, in the words of the head of gameplay, fighting became in statistics duels where only mattered what objects had each of the players. A situation they want to avoid at all costs finding that middle ground that have had very few seasons.

Why Riot Brought Back A

Despite the intentions of Riot Games does not seem that adjustments will be easy to implement. Developers have already conducted the first experiments and although agree that League of Legends will improve with damage reduction, have encountered significant problems will be solved over several months. Including situations involving several categories of champions and unbalances the power of the characters.